May, 2016
15:00 - 18:00
May, 2016
15:00 - 18:00

L’Aquila of the Future

Strategies, Architectures, Spaces and Urban Identity in a post-quake city

Gran Sasso Science Institute

The workshop L'Aquila of the Future intends to engage the IABR–2016 visitors in a documented conversation on key challenges of the reconstruction of L’Aquila, by focusing on issues such as the architectures, spatialities, mobilities and identities that are emerging, and the ones that shall consolidated leading to ‘L'Aquila of tomorrow’.

Seven years ago, L'Aquila – a city of about 70,000 inhabitants located in Central Italy with an outstanding cultural heritage – was hit by a devastating quake that killed 309 people, left 50,000 homeless, and shut down entire areas of its sprawling urban fabric.
As previously in the history of contemporary Italy, the post-quake emergency management and planning have seen the deployment of an impressive array of planning efforts, governance solutions and funding initiatives. In the case of L’Aquila, the impressive affirmation of state intervention that manifested after the quake was supposed to set the scene, out of the catastrophe, for the development of the ‘city of the future’.

Seven years have passed now and reconstruction is on its way. GSSI doctoral students and researchers have looked at how the city that is being now produced through physical, social and economic reconstruction interventions is keeping up with that promise.
What future was pictured for post-quake L’Aquila? What future is emerging in L’Aquila today? What future can be reimagined for L’Aquila of tomorrow?

Time: 3 - 6 pm
Location: IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY, FENIX II, Paul Nijghkade 19, Rotterdam
Language: English
Admission fee: none, provided you can produce a valid exhibition ticket. Participating in the workshop is possible. A reservation can be made in our ticketshop.