In the Atelier 2050 - An Energetic Odyssey the IABR built a remarkable coalition. This research by design project was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, inspired by chief curator Maarten Hajer and its lead designer was Dirk Sijmons, curator of IABR–2014. Together, IABR, Shell, Van Oord, the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Port Authorities, Zeeland Seaports, RWE, Tennet, Natuur & Milieu, experts and designers explored the possibilities and implications of the large-scale production of wind power on the North Sea. The result, animated by Tungsten, is one of the main attractions of IABR–2016.

2050 - An Energetic Odyssey

The Dutch Minister Kamp showed the result to his colleagues at the occasion of the informal EU Council of Ministers in Amsterdam, in April 2016, and the imagination of where things could stand at in 2050 helped to forge another coalition. A group of North Sea countries decided to jointly explore the production of wind energy on the North Sea.

2050 - An Energetic Odyssey

picture: Hans Tak

Op 21 June Shell brings all stakeholders together once more. At IABR–2016 they gather to discuss the follow up: what's next?

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