On 29 May, Constance Houweling will take us on a tour of her story, which is also the story of her family. Constance and her family ended up in Katendrecht because that was where they wanted to build their dream home, a home they could conceive and design themselves and in which they have been fortunate enough to live for the past six years.

Constance Houweling
Says Constance: ‘This is what we enjoy: the Chinese lady that walks several laps through the park each Sunday morgen and subsequently goes to church further down the road. The hustle and bustle of the businesses on the square, the schools that ensure we hear the sound of children playing. And yes, we even enjoyed the karaoke-sounds that came from the corner café late yesterday night.’ She is convinced that, to a large extent, you make your own living environment, and she’s looking forward to telling you all about it. We cordially invite you to come to the Verhalenhuis on 29 May.

Time: 16:00 – 17.30
Location: Rechthuislaan 1, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
Entrance: Free

More information: www.belvedererotterdam.nl

A the request of IABR–2016 the Verhalenhuis Belvédère developed The Next Story. In ten afternoon sessions during the Biennale, remarkable stories of inhabitants of Katendrecht will be shared with the audience. What is their Next Story? Based on their past and present situation, what future would they want, and how is their narrative related to Katendrecht? Together, these personal anecdotes will show how active individuals can influence the development of their neighborhood, and even their city.