On 5 June, Petra de Reus will tell her family story: three generations of Katendrecht residents, a unique, personal look into life on the Kaap, a neighborhood that has changed significantly over the decades.
Petra will also look forward. What will the future bring? What will the story of the fourth generation on Katendrecht be like? What is her personal perspective?
Petra de Reus

An active local resident, Petra de Reus connects all kinds of people and places. She works at establishing contacts between old and new residents in the context of the program ‘De verhalen van onze straten’ (The stories of our streets). In addition, she organizes an annual reunion for (former) ‘Kaap’ residents. Professionally, she works for one of the welfare services active in Rotterdam South.

Are you as curious as we are about this personal family story and about Petra’s unique perspective on Katendrecht? We cordially invite you to join us at the Verhalenhuis on 5 June.

Time: 16:00 – 17.30
Location: Rechthuislaan 1, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
Entrance: Free

More information: www.belvedererotterdam.nl

A the request of IABR–2016 the Verhalenhuis Belvédère developed The Next Story. In ten afternoon sessions during the Biennale, remarkable stories of inhabitants of Katendrecht will be shared with the audience. What is their Next Story? Based on their past and present situation, what future would they want, and how is their narrative related to Katendrecht? Together, these personal anecdotes will show how active individuals can influence the development of their neighborhood, and even their city.