On Sunday 19 June, social entrepreneur and driving force behind De Bakkerswerkplaats, Lisette Magis, is our guest at the Verhalenhuis. De Bakkerswerkplaats is the perfect place to learn the craft of baking bread. It is a workshop that is open to local residents, professionals, young people, and people that have trouble finding a foothold in the labor market. Learning a craft improves their job prospects.

Lisette Magis / De Bakkerswerkplaats

De Bakkerswerkplaats uses locally grown and milled flours, organic yeast, and locally fermented sourdough cultures. They bake to order and therefore no energy or resources go to waste. Curious about this fascinating practical example of The Next Economy? We cordially invite you to join us for an afternoon at the Verhalenhuis.

Time: 16:00 – 17.30
Location: Rechthuislaan 1, Rotterdam
Speaker: Lisette Magis
Language: Dutch
Admission is free, reservations can be made through reserveren@verhalenhuisbelvedere.nl

More information: www.belvedererotterdam.nl

A the request of IABR–2016 the Verhalenhuis Belvédère developed The Next Story. In ten afternoon sessions during the Biennale, remarkable stories of inhabitants of Katendrecht will be shared with the audience. What is their Next Story? Based on their past and present situation, what future would they want, and how is their narrative related to Katendrecht? Together, these personal anecdotes will show how active individuals can influence the development of their neighborhood, and even their city.