May, 2016
11:00 - 13:00
May, 2016
11:00 - 13:00

Groningen: The Nordic City

IABR–Atelier Groningen

IABR + Province and City of Groningen, Eemsdelta Region, Region Groningen-Assen

Energy Transition as a Driver for Spatial and Economic Development
How can the transition from fossil to renewable energy be a driving force for the economic and spatial development of the city and region of Groningen? And what are the next steps in bringing the development perspectives towards implementation? IABR–Atelier Groningen will present the opportunities for economic and spatial development that present themselves when city and region act on the energy transition. Four development perspectives will be presented: the Biobased North, Energy Neutral Villages, Energy Port and Smart City Groningen

With presentations by Jandirk Hoekstra (Atelier Master Project Atelier Groningen) and the research and design offices involved, we show how the energy transition can be used as a driving force for a more economically sustainable and a spatially attractive Groningen.

In the afternoon there is a Round Table during which the commissioners from Groningen, together with invited local, regional and national administrators and stakeholders, will discuss the next steps: what is needed to implement the proposals?

Time: 11 am - 1 pm
Location: Fenixloods II, Paul Nijghkade 19, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
Admission fee: none, provided you can produce a valid exhibition ticket.
A reservation in advance is required and can be made via this link