Dec, 2015
19:00 - 22:00
Dec, 2015
19:00 - 22:00

Rotterdam: The Productive City

Urban Meeting

IABR + Municipality of Rotterdam

On Thursday December 10, the IABR and the Municipality of Rotterdam organize a public meeting on IABR–Project Atelier Rotterdam: The Productive City.

Taking the theme of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY as the starting point, the Urban Meeting elaborates on how Rotterdam could make better and more productive use of the making economy in its (urban) region and how fostering the making economy could in turn contribute to a more socially inclusive society and a more circular economy. The evening will be opened by Hans Beekman (Project Directeur Roadmap Next Economy, Municipality of Rotterdam) and George Brugmans (Executive Director IABR).

Chief Curator of IABR–2016– Maarten Hajer elaborates on his vision for the city of the future: a green city, a communal city, a productive city – a city in which the public space once again occupies center stage. Atelier master Daan Zandbelt presents some of the preliminary results of the research by design of Project Atelier Rotterdam, done by De Zwarte Hond, marco.broekman and L’AUC (Paris). What are the promises of the making economy and how can these be realized for Rotterdam? Which spatial qualities can be built upon in the realization of these opportunities?

Together with the audience we will explore answers to the following questions: How can Rotterdam make better use of the opportunities the region offers if it wants the making economy to function as a motor for a more socially inclusive and more circular region? And what does it require of the different public and private actors in terms of position and actions to accomplish this?

IABR invites makers, policy officers, designers, researchers and (social) entrepreneurs to actively participate in the debate.


Time: 19hr00, program 19hr30 – 21hr30
Location: Zaak Acht (Fenix Food Factory, Veerlaan 19D, Rotterdam)
Language: Dutch
Entrance: Free

Registration is no longer possible.

IABR–Project Atelier Rotterdam: The Productive City
More and more cities are reconsidering their role in the manufacturing economy under the influence of developments like reshoring, the emergence of new smart technologies, the ambition to develop a circular economy and an increasing social interest in (local) craftsmanship. This is also the case in Rotterdam, where different actors are researching and exploring how the city can make better and more productive use of the opportunities available for socio-economic development, by focusing on the making economy. How can Rotterdam profit from the large flows of cargo that move through the port and city on a daily basis? Can large scale industry and small scale making-initiatives be connected in such a way that mutual (knowledge) exchange and innovation are fostered? Which role can education play? And how can public actors facilitate an ‘ecology of the making economy’?

The IABR–Project Atelier Rotterdam researches what the making economy encompasses for Rotterdam, what the most promising components are how the making economy, by fostering new connections and crossovers, and by building on the specific spatial characteristics of city and region, can add value locally. In recent years large investments have been made in the global economic agenda, with little regard for whether these activities really add any value locally, to the city and to its inhabitants.

Project Atelier Rotterdam is a collaboration of the IABR and the Municipality of Rotterdam. The atelier master is Daan Zandbelt (De Zwarte Hond). The offices De Zwarte Hond, marco.broekman and L'AUC (Paris) have been commissioned to do the design research and to develop pilot projects.