Jun, 2018
19:00 - 21:30
Jun, 2018
19:00 - 21:30

Who Cares

Atelier Dutch Government Architect

How do you want to live as you grow older, or when you are in need of care? And what contribution can designers make? These and other questions about the future of health care and the role of design are central during Who Cares, the first of a series of four publicly accessible evenings hosted by the Atelier Government Architect.
In 2017, Floris Alkemade, Dutch Chief Government Architect and curator of the IABR–2018+2020–THE MISSING LINK, launched the competition Who Cares. He wanted to mobilize the strength of design to better balance existing residential neighborhoods and the growing need for care. After all, the aging of the population and other radical changes in the health care system also require spatial adjustments, particularly in residential neighborhoods. As is argued in the Curator Statement of this biennale: ‘There can be no transition to a caring or solidary living environment without the actual transformation of our urban landscapes.’

WVO Zorg Vlissingen, designed by Atelier Pro

Taking the rich harvest produced by Who Cares and the already existing plans of designers and care professionals to improve the living environment of vulnerable people as a starting point, the focus is now on the next steps that need to be taken and on ways to actually adjust our residential neighborhoods.

7:00 pm: doors open
7:30 pm: start program
9:30 pm: end of program, drinks in the HAKAfé

location: HAKA Building
date: June 5
time: 7 pm - 9:30 pm
language: Dutch