The Ministerie van Maak received over 130 entries in response to its open call to architects, engineers, and designers willing to use their knowledge and imagination to come up with new designs for the Netherlands. The entries represented a nice mix of recent graduates, start-ups and renowned firms. The entirety of the spatial solutions will eventually form the largest model of the Netherlands ever and will be on display from 14 October during the 10th edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

One hundred designers have been selected from the 130 entries. In the beginning of September they will receive a so-called Test Kit: a blank model measuring 1 m2 with separate building blocks representing 10,000 houses to scale, 5,000 trees, water, and other elements required to create an integrated design solution and to build the corresponding model.

About the Ministerie van Maak
The Ministerie van Maak wants to contribute to the radical transformation of the Netherlands and offer concrete solutions for the housing shortage, the energy transition, and the effects of climate change. ZUS, MANN, and the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam founded the Ministerie van Maak on 16 June 2022. It is a single ministry that thinks ahead, plans, builds, and thus will realize the 1 million additional homes we need in a sustainable and responsible way and with respect for future generations.

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