The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam is a think-and-do-tank and biennially a platform for architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture. The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam enables ongoing design research into the significant societal and environmental issues of our time and creates a public platform that serves as free space for experimental explorations, systemic analysis and the design of change. Under the current new leadership, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam is looking for a novel visual identity to encourage innovation for a world that signals a new dynamic and reflects IABR as a catalyst for debate and a trailblazer of previously unimagined possibilities to serve the planet and a rich mix of people and cultures.

As a contemporary organization, it is crucial that the identity, whether designed with a logo, symbol, or combination, reflects our mission and is easy to understand. The new identity will work as a coherent design system including distinctive colors, typographic standards, and a unique ‘look and feel’ or style of visual expression. It is foreseen that design concepts will explore ideas visualizing both the organization’s full name and the acronym ‘IABR.’

The applications have been reviewed by a jury comprised of Elma van Boxel (architect ZUS), Remco van Bladel (graphic designer), Roosje Klap (graphic designer and designer of the previous IABR edition), Saskia van Stein (director IABR), and Vivian Ammerlaan (office manager IABR).

From the careful selection process Richard Niessen has been chosen as designer for the new visual identity of the IABR. Congratulations Richard!