How does the city see its future and what would that future be?
On Monday 18 May 2015, Rotterdam will host the second international Urban Transformation Conference, UTC2015, its central theme The Next Economy / The Next City.
It is not the goal of the conference to come up with ready-made solutions that may prove outdated tomorrow or perhaps next year, but rather to discuss the process of urban transformation, the ongoing design and development, and the governance of cities that is needed to make them resilient and agile, no matter what happens. But how do we reach that goal and what challenges do we have to be prepared to face?
UTC2015 explores a road map to the future of the city, introducing renowned speakers such as the curator of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY– Maarten Hajer, Jan-Peter Balkenende, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Henk Ovink, Saskia Sassen and Larry Beasley.

The twenty-first century will clearly present us with very specific and major challenges that will force politicians, designers, government officials, planners, artists, thinkers, ecologists and economists to prioritize the future successfulness of their cities. The world is urbanizing at a rapid pace. And cities, like Rotterdam, face significant challenges: radical energy transitions, climate change and the need to evolve to a green economy; the next wave of urban technological revolutions; the globalization and digitization that increasingly permeate all aspects of our daily lives; and the demographic developments that point to further aging and increasing cultural diversity.
How can cities ensure that prosperity can continue to be produced in an accountable and sustainable manner; that global competitiveness can be safeguarded or even improved, and that all citizens can participate as much as possible, and benefit from new developments?

The International Academy of Urbanism in London has named Rotterdam European City of the Year 2015. Rotterdam is awarded the prize for its economic, social and urban development over the past two decades. At UTC2015, you can get acquainted with a municipality that, together with cultural organizations and private parties such as IABR, AIR, Rabobank Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and the Rotterdam Central District Association, is constantly working to create a better future by focusing on the need for good and constant urban transformation.

With 400 participants, the conference will offer opportunities for quality networking, knowledge exchange and gaining new insights.
For more information, please visit www.urbantransformation2015.com.

Founding Partner: Gemeente Rotterdam
Partners: Rotterdam Central District, Rotterdam Partners, IABR, AIR en Rabobank Rotterdam